JUST ON TIME eau de toilette – 100ml


Scent notes
  • ginger, green notes, thyme, lemon, cinnamon, apple, grapefruit
  • vanilla, cinnamon, leather notes, liqueur, incense, teak wood, apple, ginger
  • cedar, myrrh, sugar, amber, musk, vanilla
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eau de toilette 100ml

Looking for the secret of male allure? Look no further. JUST ON TIME is a new fragrance that combines the aromas of teak, cedar and greenery. Hypnotizing notes of incense, liquor and myrrh evoke the impression of an ideal man. The powerful instincts associated with musk and amber flourish when blended with the earthy aromas of ginger, vanilla and cinnamon. It finishes off with accents of thyme and lemon, bringing you freshness exactly when you need it: JUST ON TIME!


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