HITFIRE eau de toilette – 90 ML


Scent notes
  • bergamot, citrus, lavender, flower hawthorn
  • amber, violet, beeswax, honeysuckle
  • cedarwood, sandalwood, resin
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eau de toilette 90ml

A moment of concentration, you select your target and… in a split of a second your mobilization reaches its zenith, all to flawlessly acquire anything you desire. This hot taste we have expressed in the HITFIRE fragrance – woody-floral composition that brings the warming character of hunger, amber and honeysuckle. Carefully selected notes were combined with captivating resin, cedar wood and sandalwood aromas base. Every life situation largely depends on the details… and here we took care of them, closing the composition with slightly refreshing breeze of lavender and bergamot. Warm, thrilling and fresh at the same time – a dream fragrance of romance at its best.


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